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When Your Gym, Favorite Studio or Fitness Center Reopens Will Your Body Be Ready?

As local counties are starting to re-open we are all excited that small-group fitness classes can return to gyms and studios within the next month, God- willing. While many businesses, including ours, have pivoted by offering online services – many clients cannot wait to get back into the studio again.

The question you should be asking yourself – will your body be ready?

  When Your Gym, Favorite Studio or Fitness Center Reopens Will Your Body Be Ready? 1If you’ve stuck with your strength and mobility routine and have been working out regularly from home(nice job!), then you have a better chance than most to safely get back into your previous gym routine.

But not everyone has taken advantage of online virtual exercises services, and many I speak with have defaulted to do nothing and “just wait” tell things open back up. Others have opted just to do more walking, running, or biking as a substitute for their usual routines. 

Any physical activity is better than no physical activity, but only doing daily cardio is not the same as focused strength training and mobility work. It’s just not going to be enough to get you by if your plan is to jump right back into the same pre-COVID workout routine that you left behind, same goes for those fun recreational sports you love like, golf, swimming or tennis. With summer approaching too, more people will head out doors to enjoy boating, hiking and camping. Will your body be able to handle the combination of travel and these activities?


It takes at least 1-2 months to make noticeable cardio and strength gains and improve mobility….but it only takes 2-3 weeks to lose it ALL.

The biggest mistake that I expect to see once gyms open and even as our own Pilates studio reopens is people will expect their body is ready to pick back up exactly where it left off. The consequence will be that within about two to three weeks of that, injuries WILL start to happen. 


What can you do to ensure you can safely head back to your gym, studio or favorite activity without getting injured or discouraged?

If you are not in pain, but all you have been doing is walking or cardio, then it is a good idea to start incorporating strength and mobility back into your routine right now. Your body will be much happier when it gets back into the gym or studio, and you’ll be less likely to experience a setback like an injury, get discouraged and lose the motivation to keep up with your program. 


My best recommendation is to utilize the online services that your favorite gym or studio already offers – or find a trusted facility that is offering them. 

In our studio, for example we have online Virtual LIVE Specialty Fitness and Pilates classes daily. Where one of our Expert Instructors demonstrates and guides you through every exercise using precise cuing. Also, we can watch you while you’re moving, so we can give you immediate corrections, cues or modifications so you can stay safe, get results and feel amazing after every workout. Our classes are designed and taught by Movement Specialists that are trained in Physical Therapy, Massage and Pilates. So, you will always be safe, challenged and have the most balanced class possible. Our Specialty Classes are specifically designed to bring balance to your body and life, incorporating focused; cardio, stability, strengthening, mobility, stretching and restorative release work for tight muscles and fascia.

Our virtual classes have been so popular they will be a permanent staple in our practice so we can better serve our local and growing global community…so your busy schedule or time zone can’t stop you from feeling, moving and looking amazing!


Here is a Preview of our Specialty Classes: Back and Core Class: Learn how to build a stronger core and back, find the power of your posture and breath in movement and in stabilizing strength poses.

  • Power and Posture Class: This class focuses on strength, stability, balance and posture. By performing mat, staning, and functional PIlates body weight exercise methods you will create a strong stable foundation and will correct the imbalances and compensations that lead to pain or injury. 
  • Cardio Sculpt Class: Get ready to supercharge your day and metabolism! In this class we will harness the resistance of our bodies, bands and weights in an interval style Pilates flow. It is the perfect reset to any slump you may be experiencing in your current fitness and eating habits 🙂
  • Release and Restore Class: In this class you will experience a flow of therapeutic movement massage, stretching and endurance building stabilizing poses. Find peace, stability and control through movement and breathing. Experience the healing, balance and peace your body and mind needs now more than ever.
  • We have classes 7 days a week, with Express (45 min) Lunch time classes so you can always fit in your perfect workout! (Both in-studio and VIRTUALLY online!!!) Join us today to start feeling amazing and unstoppable. Check out our class schedule and find your perfect class.

If you are already experiencing pain, stiffness, weakness or immobility, perhaps because you’ve been walking or running more than you’re used too(or you’re not exercising right now :(. You’ll want to talk to a Movement Specialist like us before you jump back into your previous exercise routine, get over zealous to quickly lose any weight that you gained due to stress or quarantine. 

When Your Gym, Favorite Studio or Fitness Center Reopens Will Your Body Be Ready? 2

As Movement Experts we know how to assess your movement patterns, find any limitations, compensations or weak links, and properly screen your strength, flexibility, endurance and mobility. We can guide you toward not only getting rid of your pain and prevent future injuries, but we will also be able to ensure that you will thrive in your workouts once we are allowed to reopen. (I don’t know about you but I’m determined to come out of COVID physically and mentally stronger, humble and grateful). Another big misconception I see is that people assume their pain will just go away once they start exercising again. While that may be true for some(or they “get away with it for awhile”), most of the time it goes the other way, and your pain either gets worse or manifests itself somewhere else because your body starts to compensates for the problem, so these compensations and “weak links” develop, get worse and always lead to a BIG problem later. It’s a downward cycle that could have easily been avoided if the right help, plan and program was executed with the help of a Movement Specialist. 


How to Stay Active, Fit and Injury-free So You Can Get Back to the Gym, Studio or Your Favorite Activity Safely and Stronger

These 4 Methods are the foundation for how you should prepare and recover from activity and help restore your body to the balance it needs. We will show you the right methods and help you understand your body better so you will know where you should focus your attention to stay healthy, fit and injury-free.

1. Release: The tension, stiffness and restriction of muscle and fascia needs to be regularly released.

2. Stretch: You can only be as strong as you are flexible and mobile. Targeting specific muscle groups, correcting their compensations and imbalances is key to prevent poor posture, muscle strains and arthritis. I can’t stress enough the importance of focused targeted stretching. They must be isolated stretches and done with the correct form.

3. Stabilize: With improved mobility you need to strengthen and stabilize the joints that are now more freely able to move. This helps to “lock” everything in place so you feel strong, stable and in control of your body.

4. Restore: Balance of the mind and body is the cornerstone of your health. Incorporating intentional breathing and rest into your day and activities can help protect your mind and body from stress and will keep you energized, active and injury free.


Can You Relate to This Story?

I spoke with a gentleman earlier this week who was suffering from back and knee pain and stiffness because he went from walking 2-3 miles per week to on the Treadmill 2-3 miles per DAY in his new home gym set up! He is really excited to get back on the golf course and participate in the Men’s league he has enjoyed for the past 25 years! He really wanted to be able to walk the course due to the limited use of the golf carts and wanted to still be able to do 18 holes and not have to drop down to 9, as he was a key player in his men’s league and didn’t want to let them down. His back and knees won’t be able to support him  as he currently was, and if he “pushed it” he would make it way worse, more swollen, achy and probably land him in the ER!

So, I was super excited when he reached out to take us up on our offer to jump on a free call with one of our Specialists so we could figure out what was going on with his back and knees and what needs to be done to fix it and get him back on the golf course exactly like he wants. 


So…What Is Your Plan For Getting Back to the Gym, Studio or Regular Exercise?

When Your Gym, Favorite Studio or Fitness Center Reopens Will Your Body Be Ready? 3If you have any questions about pain that you may be experiencing whether it has been going on for a while, has gotten worse because of changes COVID has caused in your life physically or mentally to stay strong, active and motivated, or want to ask about getting into a Pilates class online or in person in June-July, give us call or text! And ask us about the Sweet Summer Specials we have to CELEBRATE being able to be in community together again!!


We are still offering FREE Virtual or in-person consultations to help people figure out what to do about their pain as they are stuck at home or slowly getting back to work, exercise and the activities they love. 

Be sure to tune in on social as we share lots of health, fitness and nutrition tips and videos to help you feel amazing and confident in everything you do and aspire to achieve!

Yvonne Castillo

Yvonne Castillo

Dr. Yvonne Castillo is one of Santa Barbara’s leading Movement Specialists who helps active adults become more active, fit, active and independent so they live the life they love without fear, limitation and having to depend on painkillers or procedures. ​ Every day people consult Yvonne looking for the guidance to get them back to their active lifestyles faster and permanently. She helps them understand and address their current performance limitations, individual risk factors and weak links, prevent injury, avoid loss of mobility, flexibility, strength, stability and balance, avoid surgery and protect against falls, slow decline of their independence or the steady increase in aches, pains, stiffness, loss of energy or confidence in their ability to be active like they truly desire to be.​

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