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Why it is So Costly to Just “Push Through” and Ignore Your Pain and Injuries


When you are seriously driven and passionate about exercise, health and fitness goals, and your sport, sometimes it is hard to slow down and recognize that your body is not functioning right. Or maybe your job demands, travel, remodeling the house, or commuting  seems to prevent you from actually taking the time to DO something about the pain.

Often it is all too easy to think the ache and pain will just “go away” if ignored. Unfortunately, ignoring the early warning signs can make problems worse, lead to a more serious injury and make your recovery time longer in the future.

PAIN is like your body’s check engine light. It serves as an alarm to indicate that something needs to be looked at and examined if something is wrong. It can be an indication of a minor problem, major problem or the potential for a serious or IRREVERSIBLE problem. Typically, the longer you wait to address it the more costly the issue becomes.

It is difficult to know how serious the issue is if you just keep pushing through the pain. Your body is like a car, how much you use it and to the extent of the intensity, frequency and duration you run yourself- requires a certain amount of “servicing.” You need to treat your body accordingly to balance the wear and demand you are putting on it. Jumping into intense activity or exercise after periods of being sedentary or inconsistent with exercise can be very costly(you wouldn’t take a road trip cross country in a car that has sat idle for weeks, months or years without servicing it would you?). The consequence of not paying attention to the early warning signs of pain or injury can be devastating and life altering, unfortunately I have observed it all to often.

Pushing through the pain can cause your body to compensate and either overuse or underuse other parts of your body. This puts you at an increased RISK for suffering another injury and making the current one worse.
Understanding Muscle Pain vs Muscle Soreness

It is critical and beneficial to your health to be able to understand the difference between muscle soreness and pain.

​A muscle gets sore and achy from doing healthy exercise with the correct form and movement. Soreness improves and dissipates with more activity and stretching.
Muscle pain is typically the result of an injury and is usually felt during or after exercise, specific activity or inactivity. This type of pain is typically described as a sharp, deep ache or extreme tightness. The  pain typically gets worse if you continue to do the activity and gets better when avoiding certain activities or movements.

If you find yourself avoiding your exercise, sports, or not being able to fully participate in your daily activities or work, then you likely have a muscle or joint issue, instead of just muscle soreness.

Masking the pain with pain medications or  injections to “buy time” and allow you to “function” or “perform” can lead to consequences on your organs, and tendon tissue because injections can often lead to the break down of tendon and ligament integrity. This increases the risk of tears, think Achilles ruptures, Rotator cuff damage and various knee injuries.

Even if you think your pain isn’t that bad or not that limiting wouldn’t you rather address a little fixable problem before it becomes a much bigger and maybe even an UNFIXABLE problem?

Have any unanswered questions or want help to ensure you can stay pain,  injury and surgery free? Please give us a call here, (805) 941-0125, to request a FREE phone consultation with our Specialist Physical Therapist or clink the link below to schedule a time is best to talk to your  pain, limitations and goals. You can learn more tips to adress your injury  in our FREE TIPS “6 Critical Tips for Athletes Can: To Return To Training & Sports Quicker & Prevent Re-injury.”

Yvonne Castillo

Yvonne Castillo

Dr. Yvonne Castillo is one of Santa Barbara’s leading Movement Specialists who helps active adults become more active, fit, active and independent so they live the life they love without fear, limitation and having to depend on painkillers or procedures. ​ Every day people consult Yvonne looking for the guidance to get them back to their active lifestyles faster and permanently. She helps them understand and address their current performance limitations, individual risk factors and weak links, prevent injury, avoid loss of mobility, flexibility, strength, stability and balance, avoid surgery and protect against falls, slow decline of their independence or the steady increase in aches, pains, stiffness, loss of energy or confidence in their ability to be active like they truly desire to be.​

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