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Simple Strategies to Regain Control, Keep Your Peace and Thrive Through Adversity

Given all that is happening right now, most of us are at least a little bit stressed.

Everyone is equipped to handle the stress and worry associated with the current pandemic differently. The worry or fear that is the root of stress may come and go, come in waves, get stuffed down and then surface tenfold, and that is normal. Not only are people dealing with financial instability and job uncertainty, but we are also navigating through an invisible threat to our health and well being. 

Beyond staying home and social distancing, we may not feel like we can control the overwhelming impact of COVID-19; however, it is possible to retain control over levels of stress.

Managing stress is important because too much of it can lead to long standing healthy issues such as obesity, high blood pressure, physical pain and mental health problems. 

Everyday we help a lot of people deal with the physical pain, muscle tension and worry as it is related to stress. It’s now time for you to do the same!

Simple Strategies to Regain Control, Keep Your Peace and Thrive Through Adversity 1

Five Steps in Regaining Control and Staying Calm


Get Outside, Some Sunshine and Fresh Air

If you’re stuck at home right now and working from a computer, try working on the porch or front steps for part of your day to get some fresh air and vitamin D. Want some tips on how to set up your workstation at home to avoid back and neck pain? We offer FREE Phone Consultation so give us a call by filling out this Phone Request Form! We’re happy to help. 


Get Moving: Movement is Medicine
Walking is a great low impact way to exercise and you can practice socially distanced walks around your neighborhood, take in the sights, breathe and reset your mind. Pilates is another great home exercise that requires no equipment, just your own body’s resistance. We like Pilates because it’s easy on your joints and it’s a great activity for our clients. Beyond the physical benefits of improving your strength, flexibility, balance, weight management, injury prevention, a key component of Pilates is- breathing. The flow of Pilates exercises combined with the power of breath leaves you centered, calm and beaming from all the endorphins you release! Curious about trying Pilates? Try our VIRTUAL Pilates classes and see all the Specialty Classes we have just for you. 🙂


Take Time to Breathe

Breathing is one of the best medicines I’ve found for decreasing stress. In just 2 minutes, a nice deep breath can increase the supply of oxygen to your brain and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes a state of calmness. 


Meditation and Prayer

Similar to deep breathing – which can be done WHILE you meditate – daily meditation helps to turn off your brain from the outside world and give your nervous system a quick reset. Even just 5 minutes of meditation can have huge positive effects and break up that fight or flight syndrome we find ourselves under when we are chronically stressed. Taking the focus off yourself and the problems that surround us and focusing on gratitude and thanksgiving always helps me refocus, be content and keep my peace and joy even in the storm.


Stay Connected

Humans need support from other humans! Right now more than ever. Even when we’re separated physically, we can still stay connected. For our clients that haven’t been able to come into the office, we’ve been able to stay connected, keep them healthy and keep making progress toward their goals – and virtually! We can still laugh, encourage and support each other online and in class…want to join the party? Join us daily in one of our Specialty classes or in a FREE community Saturday Class.


The key to being victorious throughout this crisis is to stay in peak mental health, which depends on our ability to stay in peak physical health. 

Want help from a specialist to make sure you are doing all the right things to stay mentally and physically fit right now?

Just ask yourself if you can afford to get injured, weaken your immune system because of unrelenting pain.

Reducing stress can help you reduce your pain, but getting rid of pain and helping you avoid getting injured is also our specialty! 

We would love to help you to come out on the other side of Corona, healthier, stronger, happier, more confident and ready to tackle everyday and obstacle that falls on your path!

We’re happy to be part of your support network and we are even offering virtual sessions for those of you in quarantine. We are here to help and you can simply start with by applying for Free 30-min VIRTUAL Discovery Session Consultations  or give us a call if you want to hear more!


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Yvonne Castillo

Yvonne Castillo

Dr. Yvonne Castillo is one of Santa Barbara’s leading Movement Specialists who helps active adults become more active, fit, active and independent so they live the life they love without fear, limitation and having to depend on painkillers or procedures. ​ Every day people consult Yvonne looking for the guidance to get them back to their active lifestyles faster and permanently. She helps them understand and address their current performance limitations, individual risk factors and weak links, prevent injury, avoid loss of mobility, flexibility, strength, stability and balance, avoid surgery and protect against falls, slow decline of their independence or the steady increase in aches, pains, stiffness, loss of energy or confidence in their ability to be active like they truly desire to be.​

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