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"Our Services & Standards"

Who We Help

We help people aged 40+ become more active, fit and independent so they can confidently live the life they love without fear, limitation and having to depend on painkillers or procedures. ​

People love working with us and seek us out because we encourage, empower and equip them to use natural ways to heal and thrive without depending on painkillers, procedures or avoiding the activities they love.

We find and face the problems that are limiting your mobility and enjoyment of life and develop a custom long-term plan and strategy for you that will not only get you out of pain, free you of your limitations, but will give you the BEST chance for the situation to not to come back again and again

If you are seriously seeking to understand what's REALLY causing your pain, stiffness, limited mobility, frustration, a decline in independence or performance and are motivated to find a long-term natural solution that is specifically developed to meet your needs and goals, then you should consider starting the conversation of how you can start working with us!

Leave the quick-fix false promises behind and come discover the your true health and fitness potential and results that are possible when you take the RIGHT action!

What Are the Benefits of Working With a Movement Specialist?

  • The confidence to participate in the activities, travel and work you love without worry, pain or getting injured
  • The ability to walk, sit, stand and do the activities you love better, for longer and how you want without pain or limitation holding you back
  • ​Improved strength, stability, mobility, flexibility and balance to keep you active, independent and protect you against injury, illness and surgery
  • Greater knowledge about your body and what is the best health and fitness program to keep you active, achieving your health and fitness goals without getting hurt
  • Correction of the imbalances and weaknesses in your body to prevent slowing down, injury and having the rely on painkillers or procedures
  • Freedom from the worry over your future health, ability to be active and independent

Our Mission and Standards

We are committed to ensure the confidence and certainty of the health and fitness investment you need to make. 

We believe that to achieve the right results mutual trust and accountability are key. 

Our goal is to help you overcome the barriers placed on you by others and your current perceived abilities or limitations.

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The Foundation for Healthy Living

  • Every one of our Movement Specialists works individually with each client and are attentive to their specific needs and goals.
  • Our experts achieve the best results by performing the highest quality mobility assessments and designing the most effective and customized Mobility Program.
  • You will learn the "why" behind your problem, "how" we will fix it, the 3 Phases of Fitness to get there and our signature "R.S.S.R." method you will use to keep it from coming back again and again!

The Right Plan

  • We find and fix the problems that truly exist so you can enjoy freedom from any health and fitness fears, confusion, frustrations and limitations.
  • Our goal is to KEEP you safely and actively engaged in life and free from continual pain, injury or surgery.
  • We don't believe in masking problems unnaturally without lasting results.
  • We identify and implement the BEST solutions, so you can live the active life you VALUE, feel like yourself again now and in the future!

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What Makes Us Different

  • We are Specialists and integrate our background and expertise in movement, the body, Pilates and holistic healing to create the most comprehensive Mobility and Specialty Pilates Programs that will keep you healthy, fit and actively engaged in life now and for years to come.
  • Our Specialty Programs, Classes and Community Workshops are specifically designed to address, fix and help prevent the most common health and fitness limitations, injuries and frustrations people face so they can keep active and feeling great.
  • We serve every client as a unique person with individual needs, goals and aspirations.
  • We provide highly individualized care and support beyond your sessions so you will reach your goals and true potential faster.
  • Every client is matched with the Expert in their specific area of need, you will never be just passed on to an untrained, under skilled technician or given a generic cookie cutter program.
  • We keep our schedules balanced and classes small so we can maintain our high standards of support, so every client gets the attention they deserve to keep them safe, making progress and on track to reaching their goals.
  • Before we take on anyone as a client we make sure we are a good match for each other and that we can help them. We won't waste your time, money or our opportunity to help somebody that really wants to get better.
  • Our experts have extensive training, years of experience and proven results which is why we guarantee you will be “happy” with our services or you don't pay for them.
  • We prioritize your experience over everything else. You will never be treated like “just” a number, an injury, body part or diagnosis, but as a unique valued individual.
  • We have an entire community of people that will welcome, support and encourage you and make sure you have fun every moment of your journey with us. 

Specialty Services & Programs

With the right specialist who can expertly assess and implement the BEST mobility program and plan you can expect to achieve results you never thought were possible! 

Our specialty programs are uniquely designed to address your specific limitations and goals, so you can enjoy the active and independent life you want. 

Want to Sample What it's Like to Work With a Specialist and Be Certain We Are a Good Fit for You?


We believe and have witnessed the transforming effects of Pilates for our clients for over a decade!

  • Pilates is unique because it teaches you the art of controlling your body from the inside out and focusing your mind and body toward unity.
  • You will learn how to breathe intentionally and more fully, discover and utilize the key stabilizing foundation muscles that are often bypassed in other types of workouts.
  • Pilates is great because it is kind on your joints, works your muscles through all phases of movement, allows you to gain flexibility and mobility as you strengthen and develop patterns of moving that are more effective, efficient, balanced and coordinated.
  • It is the perfect compliment to enhance your performance in your everyday activities, the other fun activities you love and is even safe and exciting enough to do EVERY day!

When you truly know and understand how to efficiently control your body through the concepts and movements Pilates teaches- the possibilities for your health and fitness are endless!

We are excited to offer the highest standard of Pilates and offer Private Individual Sessions, small group training classes, as well as Specialty Pilates Programs designed for specific health needs and performance goals.

Want to find out if our Pilates program is right for you?

In this session you will be able to meet with one of our Expert Instructors so we can better get to know each other, you can get a "taste" of what it is like to work on our Pilates equipment and discover which one of our Pilates Programs is best suited for your health values, needs and goals!

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Our Firm Guarantee to You

ALL and ANY treatment and services you receive at Perseverance Movement Specialists & Pilates are covered by a Full "Love it or Leave It" Money Back Guarantee. That means we make you extremely satisfied with our services and very HAPPY like you hope, or you DON'T Pay for any of it. We are so confident in our ability to serve you we guarantee it. We love to WOW our clients and believe in blessing their socks off! Come try us and we'll make you a believer in the power & possibilities of working with a Movement Specialists & Pilates will bring to your life!

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