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Pilates  Is For... You

Active Adults

  • Who know they need a strong, stable and flexible back and body to meet the demands of daily living, work and exercise routines.
  • Who don't want to miss out their favorite exercise class, training, leisure activities and sports.
  • Who don't get left out of that weekend gathering, walk, hike, run,  ride or having to give up their favorite activities!

New Moms & Moms-to-Be

  • Who want to protect themselves by developing the strength and stability to handle the stress of their changing bodies, ease delivery, and safely exercise after delivery.
  • Who want to regain their energy, sense of self and feel fit again after delivery without pain or getting injured.
  • Who want to guarantee that they can keep up with the demands of motherhood and enjoy their new baby.
  • Who want to recover from delivery so they don't develop diastasis recti(abdominal separation), incontinence issues, or crippling hip, pelvic and back pain later which will slow them down and take away their youthful, confident and unstoppable spirit!

Fitness Focused Moms

  • Who want to decrease their stress levels with a challenging mind-body focused form of exercise that tones, strengthens, energizes and protects them.
  • Who want a safe way to maintain a healthy weight and avoid pain, stiffness, injury and slowing down. 
  • Who want to set a good example of health for their family, be a part of family fun and the activities they love when and how they want!

Active & Engaging Dads

  • Who want to develop a “powerhouse core” and strong, stable and flexible back so they can avoid back pain. muscle spasms and strains.
  • Who want to keep enjoying and improving the performance of their leisure activities, sports and at their jobs.
  • Who want to be able to keep up with their kids and not worried about playing with them, teaching them games and sports or having to sit out on vacations and activities they love. 
  • Who don't want to feel or look "old" because of nagging aches, stiffness, poor posture and flexibility changes.
  • Who want to avoid giving up the active life they love because of back, knee, shoulder pain, stiffness and fatigue.

Individuals Recovering from Injury, Illness or Surgery

  • Who want a safe yet challenging form of exercise that can adapt and support  their needs and current limitations.
  • Who want to avoid so developing imbalances, compensations, becoming deconditioned, prone to pain, injury and prolong recovery time.
  • Who need a safe way to prepare for surgery by improving their core, strength, flexibility and correcting the imbalances that being immobilized creates.

Health Conscious Men & Women

  • Who understand the importance of consistent performance of exercise that integrates; core and back strength, flexibility, balance, breathing, and coordination.
  • Who want to avoid pain, surgery, fatigue, arthritis, falls and fractures, osteoporosis, illness and mood changes that often happen with inactivity, feeling unhealthy, overweight or not in control of your body or life.
  • People who value their health, independence and want to build up their "body bank" so they can avoid dependence on painkillers or procedures in the years to come!

Active Grandparents

  • Who want to be an active part of their grand kids' lives and don't want to miss a single moment or milestone because of an achy "weary" back, stiff unstable knees, weak arms or legs.
  • Who want to feel in control and trust their bodies so they can keep up and care for their grandchildren safely, without feeling unsteady, tired, achy or sore later.
  • Who want to stay strong, mobile and independent so they don't burden their children with their declining health or keep them from trusting them to care for the grandchildren and being included in playdates, trips or overnight sleepovers

What Is Keeping You From Achieving Your Health & Fitness Goals?


"Are you Being Held Back From Living The Life You Want Because of Aches, Pain, Limited Strength, Flexibility or Energy?

Don't sacrifice doing the activities you love the way you want over problems or limitations that can be corrected. That's why we made this report just for you!

Look What Others Are Saying About Specialty Pilates Training With Perseverance Movement Specialists & Pilates!



Early 30s, Santa Barbara, CA

I thought I could just heal on my own and take some ibuprofen and the pain would go away but it just wasn't working. My pain was pretty bad. It was affecting my personal life. I couldn't work out anymore. Since coming here I've had a lot less pain. I've felt a lot looser and my posture has been a lot better.



Mid 30s, Santa Barbara, CA

I was having severe pain in multiple parts of my body and unable to do my job, participate in the activities that I enjoy or sleep for more than a few hours. Yvonne clearly has a deep understanding of the human body and is also a very talented Pilates instructor. Her methods have changed my life.



 Late 40s, Santa Barbara, CA

I tried all the things you usually try when you first get hurt, you know, you take some risks, you take some painkillers, you try icing, stretching, those sorts of things and they'd help in spots. But it just wasn't functioning the way I knew it should at this point. Now I can do most of what I want to do!

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