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Do You Have Sleeping Trouble? Struggling With Restless Nights or Waking up with a Tight, Stiff or Achy Body?

The Secret to Getting Your Best Sleep Ever Is a Custom Fit Pillow  Just For You….

“Top 10 Tips to Get Sleep Better Naturally: Without Having to Use Medication or Sleeping Aides”

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 Try These Trusted Secrets...

  • What are the best and proper positions to sleep in (Videos included)
  • What to avoid so you can fall asleep quicker and stay asleep the entire night!
  • What to do before bed to help you wake up refreshed and avoid being stiff, achy or tired
  • And much, much, more...

Why Do You Need a Custom Fit Pillow?

A restful night’s sleep begins with finding a pillow that can support your unique body and sleep preferences and positions.

Everyone is unique in shape and size and being placed into a small, average or large category doesn’t cut it.

Proper neck support promotes a more natural sleep position with a more neutral spine which can help put your back, hips and knees in the correct position and help you say goodbye to aches, pains and stiffness when you sleep or get up.

A pillow that is tailored to an individual’s specific dimensions is the only way to get the best possible rest and allow your muscles to be at their most relaxed state, so you can recover from your day and get restorative sleep your body and mind requires.

It is critical that the pillow is not high or too low. When the head or neck is tilted too far forward or back or rotated, restlessness, headaches, stiffness, neck and shoulder pain and poor posture occurs.

An appropriate pillow, one that is the correct height and shape and can adapt to the contours of a person’s neck, is comfortably soft and gives great support is key.

What Makes Pillowise Pillows so Incredible?


What Makes Pillowise Pillows so Incredible?

Finally, a pillow that measures up! Pillowise offers a unique take on personal sleep comfort.

Developed with the help of Physical Therapists, this simple yet effective measurement method will help you quickly determine the best pillow for your individual shape.

Pillowise pillows are well designed and are only made with the highest quality of materials.

  • Pillow size: 22in x 14in *(travel size available too!)
  • Core material: 100% premium Dutch memory foam
  • Cover is removable and machine washable at 70 F
  • OEKO-TX certificate for NON-TOXIC materials only

Comfort Guaranteed + 5 Year Warranty

  • Every Pillowise pillow comes with a 30 day comfort guarantee.
  • If for any reason you are not completely satisfied after 30 days, you will get a replacement or refund.
  • Every Pillowise custom fit pillow comes with a five-year warranty, to guarantee you continue to get your best sleep every night.

Traveling? Take Your Perfect Pillow With You…

Pillowise Travel

Away from home, on the road or flying around the world?

To assure you still sleep great when you are traveling, Pillowise created compact travel pillows.

Your Pillow ToGo (13.5 in x 14 “) offers the same great support as the standard Pillowise pillows, and comes in all the available sizes.

The Travel Pillow is easily stored and kept clean in a compact travel bag, so you can have that perfect sleep anywhere you go!

Are you ready to experience the best rest and recovery your mind and body deserves?

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