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Our Response to COVID-19

Here at Perseverance Movement Specialists and Pilates we understand the severity of the situation and the effort our clients are putting into stopping the spread of the disease. As such, we want to make sure we are matching that commitment level and taking all the necessary steps to do our part in reducing the impact of the Corona Virus.

We can continue to work with you without needing to meet face to face if you are concerned to come in. You will receive the same high-quality service, support and results that you’ve come to expect from us, and the results you see others getting.

We have been working tirelessly to support you with relevant and timely content, make sure you have access to exceptional products, services, educational videos, workshops to ensure your physical and mental well-being and keep your immune system and spirit strong and positive.

As well as regular check ins to make sure all of your needs are being met and that you are not suffering, frustrated or risking a serious injury because you are too afraid to venture out for care.

Please feel free to call, text or email us if there’s anyway we can better support you or fulfill a need.

See the below policies and procedures we are implementing to ensure your safety and that our standards of care and service are upheld. As new guidelines are amended or implemented we will update accordingly.

*I will continue to collaborate with local, state and nationwide healthcare providers and physicians. My sister is the Chair in Orthopedic Surgery at Santa Clara Valley Hospital and on faculty at Stanford University, my other sister is an RN at SB Cottage Hospital on the infectious disease floor. So, rest assured I am kept accurately aware of the best practices to be implemented.

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What Actions Are You Taking To Keep Me And My Family Safe?

  • We are strictly adhering to the CDC guidelines that have been set forth in order to keep you and your loved ones safe.
  • Our digient cleaning and sanitizing procedures were already in place prior to the COVID incident and met CDC requirements.
  • We will continue to perform routine cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, equipment, this is done between clients.
  • You will find hand sanitizing and clean products in every room, so you never have to worry about coming into contact with anything and to not be able to disinfect yourself.
  • Gloves, masks and other necessary personal protective equipment will be utilized.
  • We will continue to practice and enforce proper hand washing techniques and personal hygiene habits to our employees and clients as well.
  • Clients have been advised to stay home if they feel ill or demonstrate any signs of COVID-19. They will not be allowed on the premises if they appear ill or report any signs of illness of any kind.
  • We have upgraded our facilities with new paint to all the rooms, the bathroom has been remodel, as well as new fixture upgrades in all rooms.

What About Your Staff?

  • We currently are not employing any staff members at this time.
  • We are intentionally a low volume office, so there is minimal foot traffic in our office.
  • With the employment of employees you can expect that we will implement the necessary provisions for personal hygiene and personal protective equipment, to not only ensure the safety of our clients but our staff and their families.
  • No employee will be allowed to come to work if they feel ill or demonstrate any signs of COVID-19.

Will I Come Into Contact With Anyone Else If I Come To See You?

  • No. We are staggering our schedules to allow for sufficient time to clean ALL surfaces, equipment, doorknobs, the bathroom again, perform linen changes and allow us to prepare for the next client.
  • There is private parking in the rear of our building and you can easily enter through the side door, so you do not have to worry about coming into contact with anyone on the street or the other suites of the building.
  • The building is only occupied by professionals, so there is rarely anyone present at those offices and there is no regular flow of guests or clients in the other suites.
  • There are only 4 suites in the building.

What Policies Will You Implement For Group Classes?

  • We have always limited our class sizes to 6-8 individuals at a time with at least 30 minutes between classes.
  • We will continue to do this as it allows us to give our maximal attention to every single client, support and attend to clients before or after classes and importantly clean all equipment, surfaces and the bathroom again.
  • If you are more comfortable you can bring in your own mat and equipment.
  • We DO NOT allow any shoes in the main room where sessions and classes are performed.

Please call or text us at (805) 698-9178 with any questions.

We will continue to update this page as more information about the current guidelines becomes available and our policies will continue to adapt to ensure that you are 100% comfortable, confident and assured you are safe with us.

We are here for you.

Dr. Yvonne Castillo, DPT, MSPT, CPT, CMP

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