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Are You Exercising S.M.A.R.T. During Quarantine?

Are You Exercising S.M.A.R.T. During Quarantine? 1With the stay at home order a lot of people are left to their own devices when it comes to starting a home exercise routine. I am hearing from a lot of people that they are overwhelmed by where to start, how to know what is the right fitness routine for them.

With so many options out there, choosing one and the right one at that seems impossible. So, most people give it a go on their own trying the latest “greatest” program quick fix fitness formula, “booty blasting” bootcamp,  or the next hyperactive HIIT program. Between scrolling YouTube, getting bombarded by Facebook ads and promos or having your well meaning friend or partner try to “create a program” for you it’s like playing fitness roulette. You hope and pray you’ll choose the right program to help you keep active, feel fit, get results and NOT get injured in the process

I have been getting contacted by a lot of people who are now starting to feel aches, pains, stiffness or a waning motivation to keep moving. In any circumstance and when it comes to people, their health and fitness, you have to think whole-person and big picture and that is unfortunately where cookie-cutter or one-size fits all programs can actually do more damage than good. 

The combination of people trying to take up fitness programs, sometimes for the first time, and to the extreme because they need the stress relief, fresh air, escape or are trying to avoid gaining the quarantine-19 right now can be the perfect storm for getting injured. I am seeing more and more people that have never really ridden a bike, lifted weights, run outside, swim or exercise now logging crazy miles, using inadequate equipment or are doing programs that aren’t taking into account the fact that they are spending most of the day on the couch, in a makeshift desk at home, crawling around on the floor with the kids, channeling their inner DIY diva or making sure the the honey-do list is final finished, and yesterday at that. The consequence….is that back pain, Sciatica, shoulder and neck issues, disrupted sleep, knee and Achilles issues are surfacing.


How to Find The Right Home Fitness Program 

I wanted to introduce to you the principles and underlying methods that we use when we create programs for our clients or are designing our Specialty Classes. Whether clients are limited by pain, are recovering from an injury, illness, are pregnant, have specific training goals or an underlying medical condition, these methods and principles not only guide how we help them but they are the metric and tools that we educate and empower our clients to apply to their lives, so they can understand their bodies, their current abilities, manage their expectations better and prevent getting injured. 


Principles and Methods for Healthy and Active Living

When you are thinking of a health and fitness program you need to honor where you are at in life right now, your current abilities and goals. 

People get injured because they often are doing the wrong things for what their body is currently capable.

It is critical to have the right exercise and health program that can adapt to your needs and goals, so you can avoid getting injured, stay strong and active like you want. We teach and train people how to apply these principles to daily routines, fitness programs and the activities they enjoy.

Are You Exercising S.M.A.R.T. During Quarantine? 2Season of Life: Your fitness and activities levels will change over your lifetime depending on the season of life you are in, your changing body and personal goals. You shouldn’t be doing the same thing all the time. Life is fluid and evolves and your program needs to adapt and evolve with you. 

Method of Movement: Having a balanced program to help you perform the activities you enjoy and appropriately recover from them is essential. It is important to adapt and vary the  types and methods of exercise you are doing and to balance the frequency, duration and intensity you are active. Additionally, if you are having to be more sedentary your exercise methods should work towards undoing the consequences of sitting and shouldn’t be extreme, your body won’t be able to handle it. 

Age: Acknowledge and honor it. But don’t slow down or give up what you love doing. The body’s physiology, hormones and metabolism will change over time. Your wellness, fitness and nutritional plans and programs should support and respond to this. Consistency is key. I have been amazed to work with clients who look, move and feel about 2 decades younger than they are. The secret? Consistently doing they right exercise at the right time, eating well and a having positive and grateful mindset is the secret  medicine to keep active, fit and looking great.

Restore: Your ability to recover from activity or inactivity is the best indicator of your health and fitness. To keep your body and mind healthy you need a balanced program that incorporates focused stretching, strengthening, release techniques(self-massage) and rest. This allows your body to recover and restore itself. This will help prevent injury, illness or having to limit an active and independent life.

Time: Balance is key when it comes to being active or when you find yourself unable to be as active as you’d like. We can show you the best, simple things you can do to balance having to be stuck at a desk, in a car or what you need to do if you are more active and training so you don’t get injured.


The Movement Methods to Stay Active, Fit and Injury-free

These 4 Methods are the foundation for how you should prepare and recover from activity and help restore your body to the balance it needs. We will show you the right methods and help you understand your body better so you will know where you should focus your attention to stay healthy, fit and injury-free.


The tension, stiffness and restriction of muscle and fascia needs to be regularly released with massage from a Specialist in addition to the self massage that should be done on your own or in our classes to improve your mobility, avoid pain and injury.

Are You Exercising S.M.A.R.T. During Quarantine? 3Stretch:

You can only be as strong as you are flexible and mobile. Targeting specific muscle groups, correcting their compensations and imbalances is key to prevent poor posture, muscle strains and arthritis. I can’t stress enough the importance of focused targeted stretching. Stretching needs to involve isolated stretches and done with the correct form,  unfocused or uncontrolled stretching lets your body cheat and never really balance out or correct your imbalances. If you were to press me on  it I would say there are probably 5: stretches, stabilizing and release exercises that every person should be doing 1-2 times a day to keep our bodies strong, blanched and free from pain and injury.


With improved mobility you need to strengthen and stabilize the joints that are now more freely able to move. This helps to “lock” everything in place so you feel strong, stable and in control of your body.


Balance of the mind and body is the cornerstone of your health. Incorporating intentional breathing and rest into your day and activities can help protect your mind and body from stress and will keep you energized and active.


These methods are best performed in this order as well. Just think, you need to gently release of bound up muscles and stretch tight tissues before you try to strengthen or do anything more dynamically active…your body will fight you otherwise. It also serves as a litmus test, you will be able to see just how tight, sore or imbalanced you are, and you should take that into account as you go to move and when you perform your recovery routine. 

I hope this made you take a step back and evaluate your current fitness routine or perception of what you are expecting from your body.

Want help to figure out what your body needs or what is the best program for you? Contact us today to find out what is the perfect program for you. Want to start w a Free consultation with a Movement Specialist either online or at our office? Learn more one of our risk free consultations and claim  one of the 3 sessions we offer weekly.

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…Next up is how to get results, stay motivated and not get injured when working out from home…

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Yvonne Castillo

Yvonne Castillo

Dr. Yvonne Castillo is one of Santa Barbara’s leading Movement Specialists who helps active adults become more active, fit, active and independent so they live the life they love without fear, limitation and having to depend on painkillers or procedures. ​ Every day people consult Yvonne looking for the guidance to get them back to their active lifestyles faster and permanently. She helps them understand and address their current performance limitations, individual risk factors and weak links, prevent injury, avoid loss of mobility, flexibility, strength, stability and balance, avoid surgery and protect against falls, slow decline of their independence or the steady increase in aches, pains, stiffness, loss of energy or confidence in their ability to be active like they truly desire to be.​

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