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"Are you Being Held Back From Living The Life You Want Because of Shoulder Pain, Stiffness or Instability?

Don't sacrifice doing the activities you love the way you want over problems and limitations that can be fixed. That's why we made this report just for you!

"5 Easy Ways To Fix Shoulder Pain, Stiffness and Instability:
Without Depending on Painkillers, Injections or Surgery"

Discover how to reclaim your life, get back to the active lifestyle you love and feel better than you ever imagined!

In This Free Guide You Will Discover...

  • Why you should be avoiding doing these everyday things right now.(Immediately! It's what is making it worse and from going away...)
  • The biggest mistakes people make that causes their shoulder pain and stiffness to linger around longer than it should(and why it keeps coming back).
  • The simple steps to get relief from shoulder pain, stiffness and instability, stop the fear, worry of it getting worse, becoming a chronic debilitating problem and win back your desired quality of life.
  • Hope and encouragement that something still can be done for your shoulder situation, so you can avoid painkiller dependence and have a dreaded surgery. (Stop doing these risky things that could land you in a sling...)
  • ​​Why shoulder pain is SO common, lasts longer than it should and often keeps coming back over and over again.
  • Expert tips and answers to the questions keeping you up at night and some simple tips and videos to help you to start feeling better today.
  • And much more!
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A Personal Message From a Shoulder Specialist

After Many Months or Even Years Are You Still Wondering Why You Are Suffering From Shoulder Pain, Stiffness or Instability?

  • Are you worried that your Shoulder pain and stiffness isn't going away on it's own, despite all the "rest", "stretching", "ice" or "exercises" you've tried to do?
  • Does your Shoulder pain keep you from getting a restful night's sleep?
  • Frustrated because you can't sleep on your side, and sleeping on your back is miserable and keeps you up? Is getting out of bed in the morning become unbearable because of the pain, stiffness or fear of lifting your arm wrong?
  • Do you have trouble sitting longer than 10-15 minutes before the pain starts to build? Is it affecting your ability to concentrate, think, drive, work at your desk, travel or enjoy a meal with friends or family?
  • Are you starting to get worried about the clicking, catching and cracking when you lift or reach you arm overhead, putting on a jacket, sports bra or pick something up?
  • Do you absolutely dread driving and sitting in the car fearful of the pain? Are you worried you may get in an accident because you can't turn your head, the wheel or move you arms quickly? Are you putting yourself or others at risk?
  • Are you unable to be as active as you want because of the pain shooting down your arms or into your neck?
  • Are you experiencing headaches more frequently or intensely? Have you stopped your favorite activities because of the pain and fear it will continue to spread and get worse?
  • Are you worried that you have to keep cutting things out of your life and can't commit to doing activities with friends or family?
  • Are other people having to "pick up the slack" for you, and causing you to feel helpless?
  • Do you hate taking more and more painkillers or have to keep going back for (really expensive) injections that you know are bad for your body, don't really fix the problem and will actually damage the cartilage of your shoulder?
  • Are you worried that taking these painkillers will actually damage your kidneys, liver and breakdown your bones making you more prone to needing a joint replacement or breaking a bone?
  • Are you finding yourself continually drained of energy and the spark you once had? Maybe starting to be easily irritable and not your true self?
  • Do you feel like you are slowing down, getting left behind or missing out because of the shoulder pain, stiffness and instability?
    Tried of the worry or fear about the intense unpredictable pain? Are you feeling less and less sociable? What quality time and memories are you missing because of the shoulder agony and fear?
  • Are you someone who values their health and is looking for a long-term natural solution that will actually fix the problems causing the shoulder and neck pain, so you can live the active life you want?

If this sounds like what you are experiencing, just know we hear this ALL the time and..........You are not alone!

If you are looking for a Natural Long-Term Solution to your Shoulder Pain, Stiffness or Instability- Then We Can Help You!

We have found that more and more people are unjustly suffering from Shoulder pain, stiffness and instability because they were told:

  • To just" accept it" because it is apart of your "age", "bad joints" or gender
  • Or maybe that you are "too young for a Shoulder replacement or surgery...yet" and you just have to "wait for it to get bad enough" to do something, and that you have to "just stop doing certain things"
  • To just keep taking pills and "rest for 6-8 weeks" to "see how it goes"
  • To just get an (Very Expensive) injection every couple of months and give up being as active as you want
  • That the MRI or x-rays show it's an "alignment issue" or "arthritis" and that there is "nothing to be done"

However, Shoulder pain, stiffness and instability is far more complicated than that...the process of really finding all the contributing causes and actually fixing all the problems that have developed takes respect and an expert in the body and movement to really identify the solutions and plan that needs to be implemented to reach the real outcomes you want.

We understand that it can be overwhelming to know what is and make the BEST decision for your health.

Your time, money, health and future is at stake. There also are so many different options and advice out there like:

  • Trying stretches & exercises from "experts" on YouTube
  • Relying on your fitness instructor or friend to show you "some band exercises" that they were given once or heard could work
  • Using new topical creams or essential oils someone recommended
  • Trying a posture brace, tape or strap for support or "relief"
  • To just keep taking the painkillers or anti-inflammatories 
  • Going to see a certain massage therapist, chiropractor or acupuncturist

With all those choices it can be stressful to make the best decision for your health.

Maybe you've tried some of the options above and were let down by false promises and only temporary relief and without anything really being "fixed."

All to often I listen to clients tell me how they were let down in the past by others that  just treated the "symptoms", didn't consider all the problems, limitations they had or helped them get back to doing the things that really matter to them....

That they just
 used all these gadgets or machines that never seemed to work, never even explained why they were having the shoulder pain, stiffness and instability and how they would help get to the "real cause" of the problem and fix it for good.

When it comes to something as serious Shoulder pain, stiffness and instability choosing the right person to help you and not waiting for the problem to get worse is critical.

For most people getting pain relief isn't the best thing we can do for them-it's a VERY HAPPY part of our results.

The best thing we do for people is fix the problems that are creating the pain or limitations, provide a natural long-term solution so we can prevent it from coming back and creating other issues in the future!

What Can I Do Right Now To Get Finally Get Rid of My Shoulder Pain, Stiffness and Instability?

If you want your quality of life back and freedom from shoulder pain, stiffness, instability, cracks and pops, limitation, fear and needing surgery then here are a few steps you can take......

Take The Right Action!

The most important thing you can do right most drastically improve your life is to make the decision to do something about your health!

The "wait and see" approach always leads to people to suffer more, for longer, creates more issues that take longer to fix.

Let's Start To Get To Know You & How You Want To Be Helped

Many people are frustrated with large impersonal healthcare system and fitness programs and their disappointing results.

It's impossible to get even 7 or 8 minutes to actually be listened too, to get all the questions and concerns you have answered or even have the time to process and understand what is going on. It can be very frustrating to not be heard, get the care and attention you have waited for and deserve.

That is why we offer a complimentary phone consultation with one of our top  Movement Specialists. We set aside time every day to allow for a +30 minute (or however long it takes) phone consultation to get to know you, your values, specific problem and health goals.

At Perseverance Movement Specialists and Pilates, we believe having an open and honest conversation is essential to understand exactly what is happening so we can create the best mobility program that is designed specifically for you, your values and goals. 

We want you to be 100% confident and certain in your decision to work with us before we even consider moving to the next option to help you.

Let's Actually Find & Fix The Real Cause of Your Shoulder Situation

Fortunately and unfortunately everything in the body is connected. Simply just relying on images and scans or just looking at a single body part is not (good) enough. Often times scans, of the shoulder are only one piece of the puzzle and do not show everything that is really contributing to your shoulder pain and problems.

Nothing exists in isolation especially if the problem has gone on for any period of time. Other areas of weakness, imbalance or restriction cause your body to compensate and make the current shoulder problem and pain much worse and keeps it from ever really going away.

With shoulder  issues nearly always the real cause starts from one or more of the following factors:

  • ​Muscle imbalances of your neck, shoulder, upper and even lower back (because the muscles of your spine attach from the back of you skull all the way to the hips, think of a tug-o-war going on here and only made worse by long periods of sitting, poor posture, repetitive activities and chronic habits you have developed
  • Muscle and fascia limitations, "Scar Tissue" buildup and stiffness of the neck, shoulder, upper back, from continual inflammation, old injuries, car accidents, falls, or muscle strains and sprains or surgeries that never really "healed right or 100%".....remember everything in the body is connected
  • Changes in activity, strength, alignment, structure of the neck, spine and shoulders, mobility and stability of the muscles and joints
  • Weak core, Shoulder and rotator cuff, postural stabilizing muscles that cannot support and stabilize your neck and shoulder, or allow you maintain good posture and move freely without compressing and stressing the nerves, joints and muscles of your shoulder, which often leads to numbness, tingling, headaches to name a few...
  • Weak core and back muscles that cannot support your body, creates an unstable foundation, poor posture and movement patterns 

Each person is unique in their individual body type, history and contributing factors to their shoulder situation.

Which is why it is so critical to be assessed and understood  as a whole person not just a body part with a customized mobility program and plan clearly outlined for you.

If you are still feeling unsure and nervous about working with us because you are uncertain if it's right for you or getting the outcome you want- that is okay!

That is exactly why we created our complimentary Discovery Session.

It allows you to come in, experience our community, get all your questions and concerns answered, see if we are a right people to work with you and you with us.

Your mind will be put to ease and you will have the confidence and clarity about the "what" and "why" behind your problem and what it will require to correct it.

Without ANY financial obligation to you.

We welcome you to bring anyone along with you that is involved in supporting your health, wellness, fitness and future.

Can You Imagine....

  • Could you imagine if you could actually sleep through the night(even on your side), could wake up refreshed  with energy instead of moving like your 30 years older than you really  are?
  • Or not have to worry about constantly watching the clock to monitor how long you are in one position or using your arms too much?
  • Or when the next "bad move" will leave you in a wave of pain, cause your arm to go "dead" or feel "weak, cold or numb"?
  • What if you could finally completely get rid of your shoulder pain, stiffness or instability?
  • What would your life look like in 3 months? 6 months? 1 year? What plans would you make? What goals could you achieve?
  • Life is too precious and valuable to live in fear, worry and in shoulder torment and pain.
  • Or to risk getting a frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tear and having to live months in a sling and years to recover from surgery before you finally get your arms back...
  • We are here to support you in your next step and we hope to hear from you soon!

Look What Others Are Saying About The Results They Got With Perseverance Movement Specialists & Pilates 
(and how happy they are now...)



Early 30s, Santa Barbara, CA

I thought I could just heal on my own and take some ibuprofen and the pain would go away but it just wasn't working. My pain was pretty bad. It was affecting my personal life. I couldn't work out anymore. Since coming here I've had a lot less pain. I've felt a lot looser and my posture has been a lot better.



Mid 30s, Santa Barbara, CA

I was having severe pain in multiple parts of my body and unable to do my job, participate in the activities that I enjoy or sleep for more than a few hours. Yvonne clearly has a deep understanding of the human body and is also a very talented Pilates instructor. Her methods have changed my life.



 Late 40s, Santa Barbara, CA

I tried all the things you usually try when you first get hurt, you know, you take some risks, you take some painkillers, you try icing, stretching, those sorts of things and they'd help in spots. But it just wasn't functioning the way I knew it should at this point. Now I can do most of what I want to do!

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